To smaryolize

The internet is a place where you can find literally everything. You might think that you are going through a unique situation. I bet, if you google it, you will find out that there are millions of people going through the exact same thing.

A big adventage of the internet is that you can learn a lot. You might not even need a certain education to gain a specific knowledge, if you know how to get to reliable sources on the internet. This is something that I do a lot. I often surf on the internet and I come to know a lot of things. That’s why it’s not difficult at all to gain general knowledge nowadays.

This action of gaining general knowledge and make oneself smarter, is what I’d like to call smaryolize. The word consists of a combination of the two words “smart” and “yourself”. I want to be of added value for people all around the world. I want people to smaryolize through my blogs. I want to bring knowledge and inspiration. 


It is mostly an implicit process that we go through everyday. We surf the internet (whether it’s google, facebook, twitter, instagram, blogs or other interesting websites) and we amplify our knowledge. This makes us smarter. By this I mean that we get to understand situations better and we get to see things through different perspectives. It might be unconsciously for the most part, but it is a very important experience in our lives.

There are also disadventages when it comes to the internet. A few examples are hackers, virus, bullies and misleading information. On this link you can find three ways to be safe and smart when you’re surfing online:

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